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Product Assembly Service

Laser Tools Machining has the manpower and expertise to assemble intricate parts and components into complete sub-assemblies including finished products.  We can package, inventory and ship worldwide items for wholesale and retail distribution.  Laser Tools Machining is a division of Laser Tools Co., Inc. that has 20 years experience in sales and marketing industrial and commercial products and services.

  • Individual Go/No Go testing of machined parts to design specifications
  • Assembly of parts and components by technically trained personnel
  • Complete parts testing and calibration of component and sub-assemblies.
  • Package and shipping to customer specifications including labeling and part number IDs
  • Documentation and Certificates of Compliance provided as required.

Machining:  Basic parts are machined on manual and automatic CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Mills and Lathes.  This includes prototypes, preproduction  samples and small run parts.

Both Manual and Computerized machining are used for best end results.  Prototype parts and small runs are often created using our manual milling approach and 40 years of machining experience.  Knowing the correct “Feed and Speed” is using knowledge gained from experience.  This is applied to all parts machined at Laser Tools Machining.

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